We offer Professional and personal training programs for School Prefects/leaders, customized trainings for whole year groups and preparatory programs for students interested in International education.

Our various training programs include:
PREFECTS PLATFORM: This is a leadership training program strictly for Prefects, Head Boys or Girls, Committee Leaders, School Council Members etc. Our leadership programs helps young people develop the skills, attitude and awareness needed to first lead themselves and set the example, and second, to lead others

PERFECTING THE STUDENT: We deliver FREE tailored programs for whole year groups from our ‘Beyond Classroom Walls Book and Workbook’. Beyond Classroom Walls is a book targeted towards high school and college students to help them approach college with the right mindset: as a place brimming with diverse opportunities that should be maximized. It also aims to encourage students to fully develop themselves while affirming their individuality in order to live successfully as well-schooled adults; build fulfilling careers and make enduring contributions to society.

PREPARATION FOR INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION: With the understanding that the number of students preferring International education continues to rise, we help to promote UK, Ireland, Canada, Ghana and South African education effectively and provide high-quality information, resources and services to potential international students and their parents.